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This is the history of my youtube channel

I had accidentally started youtube when wondering what the create channel button did. I was on my school account at the time. later I figured out I had created a channel and started uploading videos. Then due to technical difficulties with restricted mode, my district decided to remove access to youtube for students. Because of that, my dad gave me the login for my at home google account and I made my channel I use to know on 10/19/2018. I have had trouble deciding what to do for my channel name. at first, I thought I should use G296s. I did not like it. Then I used Drpentode. That was my dad's social media username he uses. I could not change my username for 90 days Then near the end of February 2019 I could finally change my name. I decided on my nickname Flench. I added gaming because that is what I do on my channel.

When was my channel created?

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