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flench.me is spliting up into mutiple websites. flench.me will be the main hub. games.flench.me will have the games catagory. youtube.flench.me will have the youtube catagory. photos.flench.me will photos and artwork. visit http;s//dev.flench.me to start seing the new updates.

Welcome to the Flench04 Hub!

This is the Hub for anything Flench04. Click on the Menu Button(the three lines) or the left of the home button to acces the main menu. Check out website updates and news below.

Updates(Hover or click to view updates)

New urls for acces and a dev version of website. 6/27/22 10:34PM MDT

Updated website to have 3 new urls for acces [flench.glitch.me, www.flench.me, and flench.me] Added a new dev version of the site where updates will tested out. You can acces it by going to dev-flench.glitch.me or dev.flench.me

Removed Discord Button 2/28/22 3:10PM MDT

The Broken Discord button on the bottom of the screen was removed.

New Page Set 2/28/22 2:40PM MDT

Check out my new blog by clicking on Lizard Thursday in the Main Menu. This will redircect you to a seperate website Also stay tuned for more updates.